Teaching during the Coronavirus

Currently, our Sunday services are suspended at our church during the Coronavirus crisis. However, there are many online resources which are available to support your prayer at home.

For your encouragement, on Sunday especially, you can read this Sunday at home message that Glenis prepared for a Sunday Break recently that she didn’t have the chance to deliver. Maybe on Sunday morning you can be encouraged to read it aloud, either to yourself or a partner or your family, and remember to pray for God’s strength and peace for all who need it in these difficult times.

Viewing our services

Every Sunday, we upload a new Sunday service at 10:30am on YouTube (just search for Bromley Baptist Church) which is also then available on this website.

You can view these services along with other video teachings on our new Video Teaching page.

Listening to sermons

There are also many of our past sermons at Bromley Baptist Church available at the ‘sermon.net‘ app or at https://sermon.net/for-the-listener/sermon-search/ by putting ‘Bromley Baptist’ in the ‘Ministry/organisation’ search box. You can also listen to sermons and complete services using the ‘accessing audio files’ instructions below

Instructions for listening to our sermons and services 

Go to http://audio.bromleybaptist.com

User name: audio

Password: BBCaudio

Click twice on the heading: Last modified.

This will give you a list of audio files in descending date order, starting with the latest. Please note that it usually takes a couple of days (sometimes longer) for the files to be uploaded here. There should be 4 different files for each date: the service and just the sermon for the evening, then the same for the morning – click on the relevant one and it should start playing

For all-age services, there will be only ‘service’ files – no ‘sermon’ files.