Today’s young people are digital natives and the most connected generation in history.  They have always known Google as a verb and many would rather lose their sense of smell than their technology.

As parents, carers and leaders we want to make the most of social media, but also keep young people and children safe from the dangers.  Bromley Baptist Church is holding a parenting workshop that will help you understand the issues, navigate the challenges and help you and the younger generation maintain a healthy relationship with technology and each other.

Raising a digital generation will be led by Phil Knox,an experienced youth worker and head of mission to young people at a large Christian organisation called the Evangelical Alliance.


The workshop will take place on Sunday 9 February after our morning church service and will begin at 1pm. Please bring a packed lunch if you are coming to church in the morning as there will be time to have lunch between the end of church and the beginning of the workshop.

A creche will be available.

There is a small charge and tickets are priced at £5.50

For more information and to book a ticket please visit our events page.